What is RG Wholesale

  1. You can get a competitive wholesale price.
  2. A minimum order for only 5pcs, easy to reach
  3. Still can do with your own packaging

What is RG Drop-shipping?

We would like to help you to get rid of the trouble of keeping a large stock of goods.

1.You can take several samples to show your customers on your own store.

2.And when your customer places the order to you, you can put order to us, and we would ship to your customer in your name and company logo.

3.Here you can get extra discount for drop-shipper


Custom Packaging

The most important for drop-shipping is custom packaging, which can Make Your Hair Brand Stand Out With Beautiful Packaging In Hair Market 

Our custom packaging service help you to build up your own hair branding! It help people to remember your hair brand. 


If you are interested in RG drop-shipping or wholesale, pls feel free to contact us

  1. Email: info@rgvirginhair.com( Suggest you contact us through this way)
  2. Whatsapp:+86 15975607596 /+86 15099959019
  3. Telephone/SMS:+1 7273074346